Will bitcoin be the future of cryptocurrency?

One thing that you need to understand is that no one really knows what would be the future of Bitcoin and its role as a cryptocurrency.

  1. However, there are many experts agree on the fact that Bitcoin does have a bright future ahead. And there are a lot of facts that actually backs the thought of Bitcoin’s growing future.
  2. According to experts, Bitcoin itself is a protocol that will evolve over time. Many people forgot the simple fact that Bitcoin is a protocol at first. And then the money part kicks in.
  3. However, to grow the bitcoin culture, the buying process of Bitcoins have to be made much more simpler than it is today. Also, the good part is that all the indications are pointing out that the process will get more streamlined. Hence, the buying process would be much easier in the future.
  4. In most of the countries, companies that trade in Bitcoins onto the local currency would be regularized.
  5. Also, Bitcoin acceptance needs to grow a lot. And to this, the buyers need to ask the merchants to accept bitcoins. For example, if you walk into a store and ask them if they would accept bitcoins or not. The answer would be no. But if you repeat the same process to multiple stores, then the shop owners would actually start thinking about getting started with Bitcoin.
  6. In most of developed countries where payments system that enables instant payment between person to person is not available, would love to start using Bitcoin.
  7. You will see the movement pick up speed with a few authoritative anchor users accepting bitcoins.
  8. Also, more and more people and large corporations start offering Bitcoin as a payment alternative. Many companies wait in the shadows will jump into the culture. And this chain trigger is very important for Bitcoins to suffer in the future.
  9. Experts also believes that the price of Bitcoin will break $5,000. And it would be a huge profit for those who are holding bitcoins in the current time.
  10. Accepting Bitcoins as an alternative is still a challenging task. Since the currency in any country is very important. Also, in the current scenario, different governments are very aggressive on cryptocurrency and not really focusing on making Bitcoin an alternative currency. And this might kill Bitcoin in the future.
  11. Also, the market captiliziation indicates the currency is too big to collapse. However, I would not say there is no chance of it, but it can happen any time. But it is more likely to survive.

Final Words:

The future of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency seems promising.  As there are more and more Crypto startups are coming, people are getting to know about cryptocurrencies. Hence, the acceptance would be huge in the future. As a result, we can safely say that Bitcoin has a bright future only. Anyway, if you have any questions to ask, do comment below. 

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